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I-Pure Drinking Water
The processes pass international standards, with modern machinery, that also cares for the environment. “Our products have been certified by the Food and Drug Administration, ensuring that it is clean, and safe.
The factory has a maximum capacity up to 150,000 bottles of drinking water per day, certainly meeting the needs of its market.

We distribute high quality, to wholesale and retail distributors of all types.

We are happy to produce packages, labels, and water bottles, under the insignia of the customer. Made to order drinking water, your brand will be on the bottle.

Our Latest Clients

Produced bottles

    • Bucket[PC]
    • contain: 18.9 l.
    • Big-sized bottle[PET]
    • contain: 1500 ml.
    • Medium-sized bottle[PET]
    • contain: 600 ml.
    • Small-sized bottle[PET]
    • contain: 350 ml.
    • Glass plastic stick
    • contain: 220 ml.

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